Benjamin Barber – Academic Specialization – Aristocracy of Everyone

Posted in Uncategorized by dilettanteventures on 06/25/2009

From An Aristocracy of Everyone: The Politics of Education and the Future of America by Benjamin Barber:

“…academic specialization has turned the study of culture into the study of the study of culture – self-conscious preoccupation with method, technique, and scholarship displacing a broad humanistic concern for culture itself.”

“Souls are deep in many different ways, and reading is hardly the only road to virtue.”

“[university teaching has become]…all questions and no answers, all doubt and no provisional resting places.”

“Deconstruction may rid us of all our illusions and thus seem a clever way to think, but it is no way to live.”

“[the object of public schools]…is not to credential the educated but to educate the uncredentialed.”

“[democracy as]…an extraordinary and rare contrivance of cultivated imagination.”