Altermodern – Nicolas Bourriaud – Pity the curatorial studies student

Posted in Uncategorized by dilettanteventures on 03/02/2009

“The whole mélange is served up with the thick buttery sauce of French art theory, and the catalogue essays will give anyone except a curatorial studies MA student a crise de foie.” – Ben Lewis on Bourriaud’s Altermodern at The Tate

An update. Stewart Home has a way with words:
“The art itself doesn’t really matter, it is there to illustrate a thesis. The thesis doesn’t matter either since it exists to facilitate Bourriaud’s career; and Bourriaud certainly doesn’t matter because he is simply yet another dim-witted cultural bureaucrat thrown up by the institution of art.”

More here: Bourriaud’s ‘Altermodern’, an eclectic mix of bullshit & bad taste