The Solidity of the Insubstantial – Kathleen Dean Moore

Posted in Uncategorized by dilettanteventures on 09/27/2012

Concrete Footing: On the solidity of the insubstantial – Kahthleen Dean Moore

This is what breaks our hearts, we soft beings who desperately love what is destined to disappear – our own lives, the singing substantiality of our daughters and sons, the spans of city bridges.

…We stand on time and sand. We stand on truth. Waiting for the bus, we stand on forests of sea lilies flattened into streets. What is durable? The shadow of a roofline cast on a concrete wall. A memory of the swallows that once slid down the rising air above a city street. A yearning for the child who long ago walked out the door. The tube of emptiness inside a pipe. The smell of dust in silent light. Can we find the beauty in fleeting moments, held in the conscious mind? If not, all our loves will be sorrows. And all our astonishments will be overwhelmed by regret, that these wonders cannot last forever.

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