Another Social Practice Project That Isn’t One – Art, Life, and Community in VT

Posted in Uncategorized by dilettanteventures on 09/10/2012

Art, community and agriculture are one at Fable Farm – Sally Pollak [A snapshot of the holistic approach to art, life, and community, here in Vermont]

Every philosophy graduate student should be required to weed.

“I noticed that people would come from their days jobs, whatever they did to make money,” White said. “And they entered the theater and shook that off and proceeded to the collaborative arts. … I was going back to a farm, to a beautiful landscape, to cooking with a fire, and all the rest.”

The separation, the boundaries, troubled him. This began conversations with the Pianas about a different kind of approach, and what kind of projects might unfold on the farm that would represent a kind of whole.

“We go to the grocery store to get food,” White said. “We go to the psychologist to get our head straight. We go to the gym to work out, and you pay for it every step of the way — in more ways than one. As opposed to right here: I’m getting the food I need. I’m with my friends. I’m working my body and doing yoga in the field. There’s no separation between sustenance and health and happiness.”

“If you want to align yourself with what you think the world ought to be, there are no jobs — yet,” McHugh said. “So you have to make your own jobs and wait for the world to catch up. These guys feel it. They see it. They want to be part of it. …“We’re here to celebrate the fact that these guys are creating the center of the community. The town needs a heart. The town needs a place where people can feel connected. You couldn’t have orchestrated a better gang to do this. You could’ve gone to Hollywood and said: ‘Central casting, I want some heartful, soulful, intentional people.’ If you got this group, it would’ve been a home run.”

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