Notes taken in real time – ORD layover

Posted in Uncategorized by dilettanteventures on 04/26/2012

Luck breaking on all sides
Sunglasses hanging from your shirt
Wedding in St Simons Island
IT geeks
Sales reps
Road warriors of all stripes
All the beauty of wine
Piano soundtrack to throngs trudging from gate to gate
Hearty laugher has learned to never let them buy her drinks
They can only talk business, trade war stories
The subtle blush of her smile
She shields herself while eating chicken salad
Financial analyst
He’s kind of desperate,  in sales
“Small world”
Old guard woman engaging the young looker
From the east side of Cleveland
Party girls to one side, heavy and earnest
Silent suits on either side of me
Custom phone enclosures, a flea market aesthetic
“I always cross my fingers that I get upgraded”
He tries so hard but if ever ham fisted described someone he would be it
Again the piano asserts its presence
6oz malbec is so terribly sad shifting to stand earnestly by the Amsterdam lovely
HMS host Fernando has multiply pierced ear with several diamonds
Pale leg exposed between tights and Tom’s shoes
“Oh you’re a delight”
Gold purse tattooed wrist
The faux elegance of black shirts and black pants
“I want to have my last hurrah in Vegas”
Lady sliding in vomit grabs plenty of attention
They just can’t help fawning over her –
the Cleveland beauty, not the vomit disaster
On my way out I urge her to ignore the marriage cynics, to gamble everything, to have her heart broken or find enduring joy
My lack of a wedding band gave her pause but she thanked me for my optimism…

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